Syracuse & Noto

The ancient Greek Syracusai,

scene of Schiller’s ballad “The Pledge”,

has attracted since the 18th Century,

with the arrival the first scholastic travelers.

Even today this place is rarely missed by tourists, and not just because of the ancient stones. Many come for the romantic old town on the island of Ortygia, a magnet for guests of all ages and fascinates because of the light-colored limestone, which appears very elegantly in the baroque architecture.

The remains of the Apollo temple, the cathedral located in an ancient temple, and the Arethusa fountain are also not to be missed.

In the archaeological park on the land side one can observe a Roman amphitheater, the remains of an oversized sacrificial altar, the famous quarries with Dionysus’ ear, and as a highlight – the famous Greek Theater!

Every year ancient tragedies are still performed there, a wonderful experience! A visit is highly recommended during the festival season (May and June)!

A stay in Syracuse can be combined with a short visit to Noto. Noto is a prime example of Sicilian Baroque architecture – stamped in the 18th century after the old Noto was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1693 .

In today’s town you can get an idea of the lifestyle of the Sicilian nobility, which has always been closely connected with church.

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