Cooking Class

Sicilian dishes with Sicilian wine

Rich in colors, perfumes and intense tastes, the gastronomy of the territory represents the extraordinary laboriousness of the inhabitants, while at the same time is used to satisfy the palates of the most demanding.

The typical varieties of cheeses are still produced using the technique of workmanship. The unbelievable variety of wine offers tastes and perfumes that reflect the extraordinary characteristics of the surrounding nature. And here in Sicily, it is tradition and genuineness that make the dishes unique.

Last but not least, there are the sweets! Cannoli, almond pastries, marzipan, Sicilian cassata – all must be experienced.

Explore our traditional cuisine visiting a selection of the finest restaurants, private homes and best wine cellars.

Short cookery courses can be organized on request, and pay particular attention to the typical dishes of the area.

We can customize all types of tours according to your request and also provide air conditioned transportation to pick you up at the harbour or at your hotel.