Catania, the second largest city in Sicily, is poetically described as “the daughter of Mount Etna”.

Founded by the Greeks in 729 BC, and covered seven times by lava flows, the remains from antiquity are far below today’s street level. Even the medieval Catania no longer exists : today’s lively industrial and commercial city, rebuilt after complete destruction by lava and earthquakes in the 17th century, is a Baroque city of the 18th century.

The elegant main street “Via Etnea” contains the three most important sites: Cathedral Square, University Square, and “Piazza Stesicoro” – the economic center. The famous fish market invites you for a stroll through the tumult.

Catania is also famous for the feast of Saint Agatha, which is celebrated during the beginning of February. Catania is also the birthplace of the famous opera composer Vincenzo Bellini.

And all visitors have to admire the symbol of the city: the unique elephant made of black lava stone!

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