Acireale and the Riviera of the Cyclops

The trip to Catania could be easily paired with a drive along the coastal road.
The “Riviera of the Cyclops” is a continuation of the lemon coast, a distance of only 15 km from Catania.

Acireale is a small but beautiful Baroque city. A visit to the Cathedral, and especially to the Church of San Sebastiano, is highly recommended.

Continuing on, one will find the lava coastline of Acitrezza and Acicastello. The names of these sites recall the shepherd Akis, who was slain in mythological times by the jealous Cyclops, Polyphemus. Handel immortalized this sad story in his opera “Akis and Galatea”.

Stories of Polyphemus can also be found in the “Odyssey”. In front of the fishing port of Acitrezza you can still see the lava rocks which were famously said to be thrown by Polyphemus towards the escaping Odysseus. These so-called “Islands of the Cyclops” are a real geological attraction.

The village itself is the setting of the famous novel “The Galatea Sea” by the Sicilian writer Giovanni Verga.

Acicastello is famous for a different geological character. On a huge black basalt rock you will notice the remains of a fortress with a small museum, from which you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. The whole coast is made of black lava rocks that in the summer offer many bathing facilities.

This area is considered one of the most prestigious residential areas in Catania. Passing the former fishing port of Ognina and the so-called “Lungomare”, one moves on to the centre of Catania city.

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